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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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I'm still not 100% convinced Star Trek really belongs in movie theaters.
I think it does belong on the big-screen. But I think that many fans can't really see that the two different incarnations have different economic models. Because they have two different economic models, they have different storytelling objectives and are catered to different audiences.
I agree with you, as the rest of my (unquoted) post above indicated. Movies and television are dramatically different things, and people can't expect a movie to go after the same kind of audience as a television show. I disagree with the OP in that I do think movies can have depth, but they can't been ALL depth. It's a cake mix of different ingredients. And there are many Star Trek fans who just can't accept that, to them the franchise is one particular thing and they're very senstive to what they perceive as "dumbing down".

I accept Star Trek in many forms, but there is still a part of me (a wholely sentimental part?) that still thinks it was birthed of television and that television will always be its true "home". If that makes any sense.
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