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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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And Young reveals himself to be an absolute lunatic.

"You framed me for murder, well I'll go one better! I'll actually murder YOU!"

"And you lied Rush, you are always lying but guess what, I'm going to lie about how I left you behind to die!"

What a freaking nutter, so clearly not in control. He should have hauled Rush back, let everyone know what he'd done and had him confined to quarters. Only allowed to work or leave his room with an armed guard at all times, and monitored by kino constantly.

"What's that Rush, you don't think I'm fit for command? Let's see how you like being left behind on a waterless planet to die!"
Yeah, it's really sad how Rush is the one behaving more like a competent commander while Young is losing his shit. He's guaranteed a slot in the "worst scifi leaders ever" category thanks to that.

And now I want to know what was on "the rest of the kino footage" that he asked Eli to give him and delete from his hard drive. The footage that Eli said Scott hadn't seen.
Probably the stuff where they catch Rush framing Young.
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