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Go back and watch some Star Trek movies with as critical an eye as you seem to have with this one and see how much you enjoy them.
I have and there were stupid moments in many of the movies, but with most of them you could explain them away. And plot holes aside the characterization and depth was just better full stop, so even ignoring the plot holes what makes STID so great when the characters are all cartoon and extreme versions of the TOS ones, and the universe is a really LITERAL interpretation of the prime one.

Insurrection and Nemesis were riddled with problems, but even they in my opinion far outshine this movie. So what has STID got when you can't really apply logic to this film?

I mean if our main characters (Kirk, Spock and Kahn) really have so much depth, could anyone describe these characters, their motivations, history and attributes in more than 1000 words? I mean you could do that with all the important characters in the Trek series (heck even some of the secondary ones in DS9!), and a good film (any good film) is such that you can write an awful lot about the important characters if they have depth or the plot has many layers to it (like Inception for instance).
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