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Are you kidding?

Have you ever seen The Wrath of Khan? Shatner and Montalban chew so much scenery it's unreal. And you know what? It was fun to watch.

I think some fans have forgotten simply how to have fun watching a movie. They've wrapped themselves so completely in the franchise that any deviation from it is seen as a flaw.
Nah I haven't seen TWOK, but people were talking up this the new Kahn and for a villain he was average, he would have been better if the plot were a little more watertight. Even if I had seen TWOK I wouldn't really care if there was any deviation, it's a new universe so different things are going to happen. When I watched STID I went from considering it Star Trek to thinking it to be a really funny comedy given how laughably bad and convulted it all was, and then finally realising this was just a bad movie period.

STID has nothing to offer if you start thinking about it and if you could detach yourself from the incessant action scenes and weird plot twists whilst watching it. In that way STID is a very weird film, it has no concept of pacing, it seems to shy away from quiet moments and thoughtful inflection and to me that is the clearest sign yet that JJ Abrams knew this story was a pile of convoluted garbage that would not hold up. So he had to distract, bamboozle and wow everyone with soap opera moments, action sequence after action sequence and plot twists that made no real sense. STID is a decent action film, but it so fragmented and there is nothing truly memorable (aside from Carol in her underwear) or thought-provoking.

The flaws are so numerous and so obvious I'm surprised so many people overlook them (even the critics). So maybe I'm out of the loop when it comes to watching new films, or perhaps every ones standards have reached rock bottom. So what was considered a stupid movie twenty years ago is now considered deep, thought-provoking and intelligent.

It's a real mystery to me why so many enjoy STID, it's such a mystery that I really do need it spelt out to me concerning what exactly is so great and amazing about this film. Honest to God I really do not see it!
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