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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Ok, guys, thanks, but I just wondered if the author had some "professional" knowledge of how movies are considered "hits" or not, for example she wrote an article in 2011 called "How much money does a movie need to make to be profitable": I do hope Paramount will want to make another Trek movie, especially for 2016.
Even if a film has to make double its budget to be successful, STID is already past that threshold (190*2=380 million, it's well over $400 million worldwide). Everything is pretty much gravy now.
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Well yeh, that's what I had heard, but even from the posts here I wonder if it's more complicated than that. It would seem that there should be another nuTrek movie, but until Paramount announces there will be one (and it's made), it's not a given.
There can be all sorts of complicating factors - deals with equity partners, revenue from merchandising, etc - but as a broad rule of thumb if a sequelizable franchise movie grosses 2.5X its production budget then a sequel is a no-brainer.
Yes, and from all I've read here and other places, STID still has a little ways to go to reach 2.5X (maybe $462 Mil?), which it seems it will (especially after playing in Japan), so we still have to see how it finally shakes out. Well anyway, I just wanted more info so when on other internet sites, STID's grosses are criticized, I will have the right ammunition!
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