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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Made a final check (5 thru 7) and realized that Deck 5 wasn’t as final as I had hoped it to be.

The problem with “The Naked Time” A-frame corridor scenes is quite simply that the corridor to “Medical Ward 4” cannot be on Deck 7 nor on Deck 6 and apparently has to be on Deck 5 between “3C” and “3F” (funny, I pulled a “reconstruction rationalization” card on this one to explain the change of the corridor between “3C” and “3B” and between “Space Seed” and “Journey to Babel” but didn’t realize that the removal of the turbo lift in the corridor would still leave the extra turbo lift seen in NT but in “Scotty’s bedroom” according to the currently published Deck 5 draft).

As a consequence of this update
  • Scotty’s cabin has to be elsewhere on Deck 5 (according to “The Ultimate Computer”)
  • The Season One sickbay will perfectly align with the Season One sickbays below on Deck 6 and 7
  • Medical Ward 4 Season One (with the medical monitor over the exam table) was featured in “The Man Trap”, “The Naked Time” and “Space Seed” (all scenes) and is on Deck 5
  • Medical Ward 1 Season One (without the monitor over the exam table) is not on Deck 5 but on Deck 7 (and this also seems more compliant with the intentions in the beginning to have sickbay on Deck 7 only).
  • Scene from "The Man Trap" makes sense: Kirk is passing end of corridor (near engine room set) and arrives counter-clockwise at the door to the medical exam room
Illustration and comment for Deck 7 coming soon.

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