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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

Dale Sams wrote: View Post
If this had been Picard assigned to another command and demanding these changes, I doubt anyone here would've had a problem with it.
Au Contraire Mon Capitaine!

See the very last episode when future Picard is ordering First Ep Crew around willy-nilly and somebody (O'Brien? Yar?) says something to the effect of "We will follow your orders only up to a point unless we start getting an explanation"

To which Picard said, I believe, "Trust me". And I love his bemused smile that says, "I love these guys. Of course they'd say that."
Yeah... and even that was only after Picard was clearly off mission and endangering the ship at that point that they demanded explanations. And even they were more curt about it than Riker was in CoC. Jellico certainly never deviated from his mission or seemingly senselessly endangered the ship.
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