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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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Choosing his wife and kids in and of itself isn't weak, but Ted didn't choose them because he truly wished to remain or to do the right thing. Ted tasted the forbidden fruit with Peggy, got her hopes up, and then conveniently decided he had to "do the right thing" just after "getting some." He chose his wife out of fear of stirring the pot. It's fine that he wants his wife. It's laudable, but he decides this after he leads Peggy on and conveniently just right after he gets her into bed the first time.
Interesting, I saw it differently. I thought Ted's home life was set up in the season well enough that I felt he really cared about his family and they cared about and needed him. He led Peggy on, yes. She also took some initiative toward winding up in bed with him. If it was just about "getting some," he could have kept getting it for a while without committing, as Peggy wanted.

It comes across as spineless. I'm big enough to have an affair and tell the other woman I'm in love with her.....but I can't pull the trigger. Ted wants to leave his wife, but he's too scared to do it. If you're too scared, don't start up with someone else.
Well, was having the affair a good decision or not? I regard it as a mistake, and a very serious one. But the mistake having been made, I'd say it's better to limit the damage and cut it off rather than keep it going and compounding it. And I felt there was more than just fear keeping him with his family. I thought in the scene when Nan was sweet to him as he got into bed with her after being with Peggy he was starting to think that was where he really belonged.
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