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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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People here don't hold Picard to the same standard they are holding Jellico too.
I agree with this statement more than anything I've read or written in this entire thread, & more off, they question Jellico for actions that are never questioned of Picard in similar situations. If people would just look at some of the moments in which Picard has done similarly, they might not see Jellico as such a improper presence. Their perspective is skewed because this character is new & the others are more familiar. It's EXPECTED that we jump to the crew's defense. It takes objectivity to see that it could be less clear cut than that. If his orders were so absurd, why then, by the time the mission is underway is no one mentioning any of them having caused overwhelming difficulties? There was nothing wrong with his orders other than it ruffled feathers among some of our beloved characters, & in all cases but one, Riker, everyone adjusts & accords themselves properly, & Riker pays the price for letting it get the better of him

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Changing from three shifts to four is not a primary issue or a crisis. It's Jellico's personal preference. It can wait. Disrupt 1000+ people for one man's preference... absurd.
That's really just an assumption of how things work aboard a starship, in an upcoming crisis. It was never stated that the reason he changed shifts is his own preference, & it's more proper to assume the captain has legitimate reasons for his orders, unless they are clearly improper, which was never stated either
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