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Though I wouldn't call Kahn savage. It's more like a superiority complex and a disdain for all things ordinary. Calling Kahn savage brings to mind cavemen and lumbering trolls, plus it severely detracts from Kahn's supposed superior intellect.
The Wrath of Khan wrote:
TERRELL: He tortured those people. But none of those people would tell him anything. He went wild. He slit their throats. He wanted to tear the place apart, but he was late. He had to get back to Reliant in time to blow you to bits.
Sounds pretty savage to me.
Reading how that scene plays out in the novelisation was fantastic. I was very disappointed that the comic version didn't wander wider than the movie script. His torture was actually fairly methodical from what I recall but he just ran out of time. Even so, it would have been smarter to beam the scientists up to the Reliant to let someone else carry on the torture while Khan took care of business.
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