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Re: Reading last chapter first

I used to like read the first sentences of the last chapter, or at times the last few sentences in a book back when I was a teen. Spoiled a bit of Harry Potter for myself that way.

These days, never. Why? I'll let this quote from the opening post help me demonstrate it:

Annie also notes that perhaps one reason she always reads the end first is because my life is so full of unknowns that to truly escape I have to know exactly where Im headed.
The unknown is the whole fucking POOOOIIIIIINNNNNTTTTT!!!!!!

Yes, it's about the end, but more often it's about the journey! I love not knowing what will happen. Why read the book if I know how it ends? And yes, I know I just said the journey is more often the point, but if I know the end of the journey the first time around, I rarely seem to enjoy the journey as much.

I have reread books, yes, and enjoyed them more the second time around. Just like I've seen my favorite movie about 40 times. And I keep finding more stuff to enjoy in that movie.

Bottom line: I love storytelling. In any form. A well told story is an awe inspiring thing. I don't care if it's simple, if it's told well I love it. Probably a reason why I'm so fond of mythology.
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