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Re: June Art Challenge - Starscape

B.J. wrote: View Post
Nice seeing the Pegasus as it was supposed to be! The newer pic looks a lot better than the first. Not sure about the angle, but would any of those windows be reflecting any of the light back? I'm guessing the texture isn't set up for reflections like that right now.
Thanks B.J.. I had to check, but the window's texture does have a touch of reflection to in. The spotlights are pretty much in the same plane as the camera so the angles are wrong for reflections.

Dac wrote: View Post
... Even if the original ambassador was kind of matte, I would personally turn up the specularity and put a textured reflection map on it. Also, I think the contrast of the lights is a bit much, have some illumination there just not what you had in the original pic. Maybe whack a slight vignette on there too to make the spotlights seem more pronounced?
Specularity maps? Please, don't mention specularity maps! I don't know if it's me or Blender, but I just can't seem to get any effect out of them. I guess, I need to find some decent tutorials on them.

I'll see what you mean about the lighting, though.

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