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Re: A way Endgame could have been redeemed

You can't give in to extremists. "The best ever" is a mantra only a religious zombie would spew, and knock the teeth out of anyone who disagreed with them.

Anyway they got home, short of the full 70 years, would have been contrived, and has always been contrived and will always be contrived.

Take a page from Quantum Leap.

"And Voyager never made it home."

Because of who her father is, one of those *&^%es from Dirty Little Liars is going to own most of the rights to Quantum Leap some day.

Of course the last words I would have actually had from Janeway would have been "Fuck me! How the hell did we wind up in Andromeda?"

And then Paris says "I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque."

The end. Roll credits.
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