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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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I suppose the real question is if its even possible to make such a movie?
I can think of a couple of other questions.

* Why post here what amounts to a blog entry - one which presents no clear topic for discussion nor any clearly intended direction for such a discussion to proceed?

* Why post here a thread which isn't really about Trek 3 at all?

* Why so many BS phrases and cut-and-paste assertions?
- "As many of you already know..."
- "society has changed a great deal..."
- "Us[s/b "We"] fans love nothing better then[s/b "than"] an in[hyphen goes here]depth story of great sophistication combined with powerful action scenes."
- "the average Joe doesn't have the attention span..."
- "... because modern audiences have neither the attention span or[s/b "nor"] the IQ required to address a deep plot."
- "The dilemma the next creative team for ___ has... "
- "... making a movie as smart as ___ was,without alienating a mass audience."
- "the highest grossing movies in recent history like ___ have simplistic stories,thin characters,and more plot holes then[s/b "than"] ___"
(What a load of prefabricated twaddle that was.)

* WHY U NO PUT SPACES after your commas and periods?

A suggestion: why not come up with a solid topic which has potential for discussion, and present it without condescending to your potential partners in conversation? If it's actually about the next Star Trek movie, then post it here; if it's not, then post it where it belongs.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson, journal entry for 8 November 1838.
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