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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Yeah, as others have pointed out at the GB and Bleeding Cool forums, it's hard to believe that BBC Worldwide, which still hasn't released or even announced "The Underwater Menace" 2 despite its being recovered in 2011, wants to rush the release of these alleged new discoveries.
I suppose the difference would be a complete story - after restoration and extras - is ready to go.

Half a story isn't. We still haven't had any confirmation the other half of Underwater Menace has been animated. If Moonbase was comissioned with Tenth Planet, before the Underwater Menace recovery and these rumours started to look promising, its possible they might have waited to see how it panned out before agreeing to any more.

Whilst the Bleeding Cool article did seem to be grasping at all rumours and claims lumping everything together, I'm still of the impression there might be something in it, hidden in the nonsense.

But not nearly everything!
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