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Re: Where are the toys?

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Some DST Trek toys have appeared in the mass market (namely at Toys R Us stores).
I think they're exclusively in TRU stores, which may allow the distinction Hasbro's mass market agreement needs aside from "they do original while we stick to new." Hasbro's not offering any product from the Prime Universe, are they? The only comprehensive product line I've seen yet is fron Mattel.

If Hasbro really wanted to tap the Prime market, they could sneak cheap figures into their Fighter Pods line. (Although I hope not since their Enterprise already looks a lot like DST's Minimates Enterprise in terms of size and play features.)

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Or it may have been a case that DST didn't want to shell out more money to extend their license to cover the new films. Trek licenses tend to vary, they can either be full range or cover a specific range of properties.
I'm sure that's likely. That and I don't know that the new Trek has many fans inside DST. It's possible that one property is also more affordable than the other.

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It does if Hasbro has a long-term strategy for their Trek line--use it to initially push their previously largely overlooked Kre-O line before eventually moving to action figures, ships, and role play toys.
We are talking about the company that reportedly sat on the Indiana Jones license for a generation, waiting patiently for the day when a new movie tie-in would maximize a toy line's potential. I can see either company doing that actually but especially Hasbro. (Category squatters!)

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The big three US toy retailers--Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and Target--didn't want the complete bridge crew in the first wave. They wanted more of a variety of figures (not everyone in the standard Starfleet uniforms).
So instead they went with half the characters wearing the same cadet uniform. Be careful what you wish for, retailers.

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What Playmates could have done, IMO, was just repeat what they did with their original TOS figures back in the '90s--release the complete bridge crew separately as an exclusive box set in limited numbers.
Now you're just making too much sense.

I couldn't help thinking, while I looked at the various uniforms in STID, how much more toyetic (or just retailer-friendly, I suppose) this film might have been to buyers. If Hasbro wanted to launch a new 3 3/4" Trek line, this could have been a nice place to do so.

Shuttlecraft and costumes and Klingons, oh MYYYY!
Star Trek is not a documentary. Post sober.
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