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Re: Where are the toys?

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Just to clarify, Hasbro may be the master toy licensee for Star Trek in the mass market (with the exception of Mattel in the die cast category) but DST still has rights to Trek Prime (TOS through Nemesis) in the specialty market.
Some DST Trek toys have appeared in the mass market (namely at Toys R Us stores).
I'm not sure if DST went after the rights to the new films or not but if they did I'm sure Hasbro's offer was far more enticing to CBS.
Or it may have been a case that DST didn't want to shell out more money to extend their license to cover the new films. Trek licenses tend to vary, they can either be full range or cover a specific range of properties.

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It kind of irritates me that Hasbro has the licensing to make all sorts of toys from the entirety of Star Trek and all they've made so far were some Lego ripoffs no one bought.

They should have made all the Trek characters in 3 3/4 size and stuffed them on shelves next to the Star Wars figures, I know I'm not the only collector who would buy a James T. Kirk & a Luke Skywalker so they can team up to take out Darth Vader and his Klingon troops.
This is what makes me suspicious about Hasbro having the master toy license. It's entirely possible that Playmates is retaining some rights to the property. I can't fathom why Hasbro would dismiss two categories in which they excel (action figures and role play) in favor of another category that's already dominated by two other venerable players (LEGO and MegaBloks).

Doesn't make sense.
It does if Hasbro has a long-term strategy for their Trek line--use it to initially push their previously largely overlooked Kre-O line before eventually moving to action figures, ships, and role play toys.

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I still think the Playmates line would have performed better if they'd have simply released a complete bridge crew in the first wave.
The big three US toy retailers--Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and Target--didn't want the complete bridge crew in the first wave. They wanted more of a variety of figures (not everyone in the standard Starfleet uniforms).

What Playmates could have done, IMO, was just repeat what they did with their original TOS figures back in the '90s--release the complete bridge crew separately as an exclusive box set in limited numbers.
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