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Re: Virtual Tour : USS Enterprise (1701-D) Deck 1-4 (WIP)

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Thanks! And yes. Port side is strange. The problem is Picards Ready Room. And I remember that there is not much space to work with.
But, it didn't even occured to me treating the two sides differently ^^- I always thought "if there is a ramp on one side, there should be one on the other side. So, I'll definitively look into your idea of low-slope staircase with wide steps for the port and test it. Thanks and I'd be happy to discuss more of those things!
It would capture the asymmetrical nature of the entire bridge model as well, I think. When you get to the proper deck 2, I hope you include the enclosed lounge and the opened areas around the life boats (and the emergency lockers). It makes sense for a rallying point for all the people who will fit in five lifeboats, especially in an emergency.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you work out for the two bridge WCs too.
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