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Re: Star Trek Imponderables #3 continuity error video

Worf also told part of the story of Kahless:

Memory Alpha wrote:
...Kahless held his father's lifeless body in his arms. He could not believe what his brother had done. Then his brother threw their father's sword into the sea, saying that if he could not possess it, neither would Kahless. That was the last time the brothers would speak. Kahless looked into the ocean and wept, for the sword was all he had left of his father and the sea filled with his tears and flooded beyond the shore.
Regarding the 22nd phasers, as stated above, at least they made they effort to call them "Phase Pistols" even though they were essentially phasers in practice.

One thing that irritated me about the Phase Pistol clip in the video is the whole "two settings" thing. I always thought that "Stun" and "Kill" were just colloquialisms that Starfleet used and there were a range of settings. Lower settings were just refereed to as "Stun" and so forth.

I mean surely a setting that could stun a 250 pound Klingon would do more than just stun a 90 pound Ferengi.
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