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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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The issue is with Riker then. Feeling the need to mind read is an error in Riker's mindset as Jellico clearly stated what he wanted done in each instance. That is of no fault to the CO of the ship. He laid out clear concise instructions to his XO. There should not be any need for mind reading. Riker chose to complicate things with his hemming and hawing over a new CO's orders. I bet it annoyed Riker when Data went on behaving as if the orders weren't that big of a deal and found ways to get them accomplished.
I've watched the episodes any number of times. There never was any doubt in my mind -what- Jellico wanted done at any given time. Riker seemed to want to argue about -why- Jellico wanted it done. Hence the mind reading excuse maybe. But a captain doesn't have to explain his orders, it's a luxury he may choose to indulge if he so chooses. Hence Jellico's annoyance at the officer who's supposed to be the primary conduit to carry out his orders.

I've no doubt that Data's behavior annoyed Riker. That doesn't justify it just because his name is in the credits though. Data was finding ways to.. get it done, rather than trying to find a reason why it shouldn't be. Which likely played into Jellico's decision to promote him after Riker blew up over not rescuing Picard. Which Jellico was right, would've played right into the Cardassians hands.
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