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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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They have lived longer and experienced much more than a younger person.
Lived longer; yes. Experienced much more; usually, but not always. There are thirty year olds who have lived more harrowing, dramatic, fulfilling, varied, successful, traumatic, romantic, well-traveled lives than some seventy year olds. It depends on the person, and you have little or no way of knowing what their lives have been on introduction to a stranger alone. So again, you're essentially asking someone for additional respect simply by having lived longer, not by the content of your character.

Elders often have wisdom which comes from trial and error in their earlier years.
Yep, that is often true. Also often true is that elders have offensive beliefs and standards which they've rigidly held on to out of tradition or upbringing despite being well past their "sell by" date in modern society. Often those beliefs manifest in oppressing minority groups through political action, a process which sometimes drags on longer than it should as people live longer these days.

Maybe if people didn't just automatically assume that that flow of wisdom should only go one way because older people are better by default they'd learn a thing or two from (some) younger people about tolerance for others, and we'd hopefully live in a better world. Now, that's not a blanket statement either way. There are young people who are rigid and intolerant, and old people who are open minded and tolerant. Again, it depends on the person, which is why you shouldn't assume.

Listening to them, and respecting them, can often save a younger person much heartache and pain.
You should listen to and respect anyone in equal measure until they give you a reason to do otherwise.

Or if they're infants. Screw them. Greedy little nonsense babbling bastards. It's always "me!, me!, me!"

Sadly, younger people do not often take the time to learn from their elders.
And you base that on...? Is there a study in Nature or Scientific American about the Older People/Younger People learning ratio being in decline?

To quote my esteemed elder Samuel L. Jackson from his career defining performance in the heartwarming Christmas classic, The Long Kiss Goodnight:

"When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of u and mption."
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