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Re: British series approach?

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It's even worse than that. If a show has a budget of $4m/episode. That gets spent lets say $3m/episode variable costs and $1m/episode amortizing fixed costs. If the show only has 10 episodes, then its budget needs to become either $3m variable plus $2m amortizing fixed or more likely $2m variable and $2m amortizing fixed. So cutting the episode count either forces more to be spent per episode or forces fixed costs to take up a higher portion of the budget and results in even less money for variable costs(ie fx).

You can argue that cutting the episode count helps creatively, but from a budget perspective it's a disaster.
Yup, with more episodes, you can spread the cost of building additional sets CGI Models over more episodes (IE: with 20 episodes, if an additional set or CGI Model is going to cost you $1Million, you can spread that over all 20 episodes, only using up $50K of each episode's budget to build it. If it's spread over 10 episodes, that takes $100K out of each episode's budget)
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