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The Challenge of Trek 3

As many of you already know,society has changed a great deal in the 30 years since The Motion Picture came out.And so has the traditional moviegoer.

Today the average Joe doesn't have the attention span for a movie like that.Us fans love nothing better then an in depth story of great sophistication combined with powerful action scenes.In the reel world (heh) such a movie would be a commercial flop.

There's a reason a flashy, jittercam Trek movie is so successful-because modern audiences have neither the attention span or the IQ required to address a deep plot.Look at Inception; a lot of people hated the movie because they couldn't grasp the plot,to say nothing of the deeper philosophical themes.

The dilemma the next creative team for Trek has is making a movie as smart as Inception was,without alienating a mass audience.Its no small challenge;the highest grossing movies in recent history like Avatar and Titanic have simplistic stories,thin characters,and more plot holes then ST First Contact.

I suppose the real question is if its even possible to make such a movie?
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