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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

Last Friday's installment of "Ensign Two: the Wrath of Sue" features a cameo of M'Ress!

True, it's a single panel and she has no lines, but artist Kevin Bolk (aka K-Bo) includes all the earmarks of the Filmation character design, making instantly recognizable.

Why is she in security instead of communications? Eh, JJ Abrams timeline, different career choice. Besides, wouldn't you want a fleet footed being with naturally evolved razor sharp weapons on your security team?

And yes, I did post the groupie-like response about her inclusion. Might as well play up the goofy reputation I've developed here.



P.S. If the mods feel this thread is too old to rate this newest post, you won't hurt my feelings for locking it. As for the original poster, I don't think he's been around for over a year.
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