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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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1) Kryptonians explored space for 100,000 years; yet when faced with the destruction of their world (and in this version no one disagrees with Jor El's assessment); can't/won't evacuate even though they are aware of plenty of habitable worlds in range?
They A) don't have ships anymore and B) they're not convinced about Jor-El's theory. Only Zod seems to agree.

2) Jor El owns/rides a 'flying dragon' (shades of 'Dragon Riders of Pern, or 'Avatar'.)
That's a WTF plot moment for you ? That they have animals on Krypton ?

3) All Kryptonians are cloned (ala 'The Matrix'); and genetically designed to be the best at their assigned job/role/function. (This is a first for any version of the Superman mythos.)
They're not cloned. They are grown. And I don't see how that's a WTF since it's very clear.

4) The 'sacred Codex' (which is somehow the basis of all cloned Kryptonians); is a black, decaying and desiccated partial skull suspended in a laser beam.
I'm not sure you're clear about what a "WTF moment" is.

5) When Clarks is talking to Johnathan Kent about the school bus incident, and Clark asks "Should I have let them die?" and Johnathan answers, "Yes, maybe..."
You might have missed it, but there's a discussion right after that line.

6) Johnathan dies because he doesn't want Clark going back out to save the family dog - and somehow risk exposing his powers to witnesses
Yes, and that makes perfect sense in context. Although I agree that the tornado should have had a visible effect even at a greater distance, it works for the movie that it didn't.

7) Kal El (aka Superman), who has spent his life avoiding fights, and was not trained to fight by anyone (least of all Johnathan Kent) can, somehow, defeat three kryptonian soldiers, and in the end General Zod himself (after Zod had acclimated to the Earth's atmosphere and his newfound abilities, including flight which he did in the final combat sequence) -- ALL of whom were genetically engineered as well as trained their entire lives to be nothing but combat soldiers...
He doesn't defeat them, so this one is null and void.
And that's my opinion.
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