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Re: Trek trivia detail items -- do you know these?

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I thought it was David Gerrold who came up with Tiberius as Kirk's middle name?
He was the first to have it stated onscreen (in TAS: "Bem"), but I believe Roddenberry had already established it in response to fan questions at conventions.
It was Gerrold who came up with it at conventions, at least according to him in an interview here:

David Gerrold wrote:
I think it happened at a Star Trek convention, where we all started speculating about what the T stood for. I, Claudius had just aired on PBS, so I said "Tiberius" as a joke. Later on, others picked up on it. So when TAS started, I wrote it in as a line of dialog. DC Fontana passed it by Gene at some point, and it stuck.
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