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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

Faria wrote: View Post
But JJships are faster than TOS ships, so the space explored could be more
To explore it doesn't take just ships, it takes the will to explore, the drive.

In ST: Enterprise, we learn that despite the ability to explore, possessing the technology, the Vulcans actually explore very little. The drive to know what's out there is missing.

Alternate universe Humans could be also be largely lacking in the drive department. Different cultural needs.

solariabsg25 wrote: View Post
I think that the Nerada Incident has had a knock-on effect on all the Alpha-Quadrant races.
Not to be slow, but I have to admit to you that I've never come across the expression "knock-on effect." What does it mean please?

The Federation increasing the size and power of their ships
While they do seem to be faster, more powerful in other areas is not as apparent.

They are obviously deficient in the sensor department, i the first JJ movie Captain Pike didn't seem to find it odd that his ship could scan Vulcan orbital space as his ship entered it, he plowed into the weackage of the fleet that proceded him. Even if Nero hadn't attacked those ships, Pike would have been unaware of where those ship were when he went sublight. Again no mention that this was unusual.

The smaller multiple guns of the Enterprise and the Vengance seem individually to lack the punch of the prime universe's main phaser banks. Kirk once destroyed a unshielded Klingon crusier with a single solid hit. It possible they are incapable of building individual phasers of that power, and had to substute multiple lower powered guns.

I believe the ships in the alternate universe are bigger because the equipment on board is bulkier that it prime universe counterparts. Certainly the M/AM reactor we saw (the one Kirk entered) simply would not have fit inside of a Prime Connie.

It would be an arms-race, and no doubt they may have attempted to keep up. IIRC
Not necessarily, the Klingon like their ships lean and fast. The need to oversize wouldn't be automatic.

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