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Redemption Awaits You....


Commissioned after the sins of the Dominion War, Redemption sits quiet and dark in spacedock as a new Commanding Officer is assigned and her refit is completed. Assigned to Task Force 93 of the 4th Fleet (Bravo Fleet) she is one of the newest Galaxy Class ships and filled with as much new technology that can be fitted to the timeless starship design.

Her mission will be to not only reestablish a Federation presence space nearly abandoned during the war and rebuilding years but to push farther and deeper into unexplored space. To do what Starfleet has long worked towards in the decade since the war: go where none have gone before.

She is redemption for a Federation pushed into war that did whatever it took to merely survive

As she awaits her crew Commander Anna McCormick is informed of what will the ships first assignment: track down the fugitive Dr. Fiona Balm and her followers hidden deep within the Briar Patch. Sentenced to a life in prison for attempting to alter the human genome to create the ‘perfect’ human she amassed a small group of followers and managed to escape prison. As she descends further into her own madness that crew of the Redemption will soon discover the true nature of her work.

[FONT=Calibri]We are a play by NOVA simulation in Task Force 93. The website is in a fairly rough state and is currently experiencing a hickup or two but can be found at[FONT=Calibri]. We are looking for every position besides CO. For more info (of if the site is messed up) feel free to PM me or send an email to

Redemption awaits you.
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