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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Compared to what else we have currently I'd so, "Only a third? That's pretty good!"
Compared to Star Trek, it isn't.

Because when it comes to gender stereotypes, "zero" is still preferable to "one third."
Star Trek has plenty of its own gender stereotypes!
The last two movies managed to steer clear of them to a fairly large degree.

Defiance does exactly what it should. It has a wide mix of characters.
And a third of the females characters (or more) are gender stereotypes. If you think perpetuating stereotypes is what science fiction SHOULD do, then it's no wonder you disapprove of STID.

Think about what you are saying. Do you want only homosexual relationships and no heroic, masculine males? It's the mixture that's more important.
That's just it, though: I could count on one hand the number of openly homosexual characters depicted in science fiction between two men. The most prominent of these is Captain Jack Harkness from the Doctor Who universe. That Captain Jack is a homosexual (well, sort of a pan-sexual, but still) is interesting in itself; that he's also a highly developed character with a fascinating origin story -- in addition to being a total badass -- is what makes the character compelling.

In the context of the portrayal of homosexuals in scifi -- and that's what we're talking about, portrayal -- you would prefer we add an additional gay character and not mind if one of them is portrayed as a limp-wristed nancy boy serving as Torchwood's interior decorator.

When it comes to portrayal, a single GOOD character is worth fifty stereotypes. Quality is more important than quantity in that regard.
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