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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Just a freighter pilot? It's like you are making an effort to reduce her somehow.
Reduce her from WHAT though? Not every character in every story has the chops to be an actual action hero even if had a good enough reason. Think Mary Jane, not Black Cat.

She was a freighter captain, and unlike Malcolm (I don't know about Valentine) she was in charge of the ship she was on. So, it's not the same at all.
But Malcolm Reynolds was also a gun slinger and Faye Valentine was a bounty hunter, both of which embraced the outlaw lifestyle as a matter of personal taste. Kassidy Yates may be sympathetic to the Maquis, but she's no outlaw.

Then you go into using terms like "booty call."
It applies. If Kassidy wanted to be an outlaw AND still date Ben Sisko, that's what their relationship would boil down to. That, too, didn't seem to suit her, so instead they ended up getting engaged.

You act like she and Ben were teenagers trying not to get caught by their parents or something.
But they weren't, which is why Kassidy turned herself in.
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