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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

stj wrote: View Post
In the context of the movie, he should have been more upset that he now really was going to be the last of his kind.
But he's not, at least not permanently. All of the Kryptonian prisoners besides Zod are still alive in the Phantom Zone, there's a chance that there were Kryptonian colony worlds or offshoots of those worlds that Zod missed, there's Kara (Supergirl) if you take the prequel comic into account; and if you don't the open cryopod implies that someone might have survived from the Earth scoutship even in the film, and Kal-El still has the Kryptonian Codex embedded in his cells -- which Jor-El intended for him to extract and bring back his people somehow when he felt the time was right for them to peacefully coexist with humanity.

Jeyl wrote: View Post
For an origin story, it's way too ambitious and epic.
I get what you're saying, but I've rarely heard those used as a negative before.

Metropolis barely gets any set up to make it an important location for Supes to save, and attempting to evoke images of 9/11 with buildings collapsing and survivors fleeing covered in gray dust while trying to free trapped victims just didn't make the film fun to watch.
Visual FX have finally progressed far enough to allow us to see the real consequences of a battle between godlike superpowered beings in a live action Superman film --something we had previously only seen to a lesser degree in the Superman-inspired fight in The Matrix Revolutions and which many people have been wanting to see for ages-- and now all of a sudden it's being used as a criticism.

You know, Godzilla and King Kong and countless other monsters, superbeings, and villains somehow managed to trash buildings and cities long before 9/11. I get why we as an audience would make that connection having lived through seeing it, but not every scene of mass destruction in a city has to intended as a 9/11 allegory now. You can make the argument that it was in Star Trek into Darkness because of all the other War on Terror allusions in that story, but Man of Steel didn't really touch on that too extensively, being more of a The Day the Earth Stood Still mixed with an alien invasion type story (really, a Superman type story).

Also, Wonder Woman did it better.
Okay, unconnected to the Superman discussion, but why is her head twice the size of his, why doesn't she have thumbs, and why are her bracelets riding up to her knuckles? That just looks awkward.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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