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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I really can't imagine screwing with the personnel roster and *then* discussing it with the captain so maybe he says "yeah, that's not working out, let's go back." Changing from three shifts to four is not a primary issue or a crisis. It's Jellico's personal preference. It can wait. Disrupt 1000+ people for one man's preference... absurd.
Jellico was the captain, it was his call to make. If Riker wanted a command to run his way, then he shouldn't have kept turning down commands.

If this had been Picard assigned to another command and demanding these changes, I doubt anyone here would've had a problem with it.

Encounter at Farpoint wrote:
PICARD: Acknowledged. Commander Riker will conduct a manual docking. Picard out.
PICARD: You've reported in, haven't you? You are qualified?
RIKER: Yes, sir.
PICARD: Then I mean now, Commander.
He didn't seem too concerned about Riker's feelings or opinions on doing a manual docking. He simply wanted it done, no explanations were necessary nor did he offer any for his orders.

People here don't hold Picard to the same standard they are holding Jellico too.
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