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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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Cumberbatch is a far more versatile and talented actors than Montalban was.
We're not talking about Cumberbatch's other roles, however, but his portrayal of Khan, which I find ok but not superior to Montalban's. Of course, the latter being the original, that surely influences my evaluation of them. However, Montalban's Khan in TWOK had a more personal tie to Kirk.

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BillJ wrote: View Post
Canon and tech details simply aren't important to drama.
They are when you get them wrong.
No, they're not.

That's not 'insular'.
Yes it is because you don't realise that only a minority of people actually care about this stuff.

To be clear: I'm also part of that minority, but I've learned that I can't expect most people to care. And in the end, they may be right: if movies focused on pure technical detail, realism, and logic, they would probably be a lot more boring.

BillJ is right, and I had the same problem with pretty much all movies recently, until I realised that these things, although positive if they are there, sometimes interfere with the narrative, and must give way to it. I enjoy movies more now that I realised that.

Secondly, I don't think the distinction between hard-core trek nerds and casual, disinterested observers is as strong as it used to be.
If anything, it's stronger.

I'd hoped that a reboot would be an opportunity to fix some things, edify some things, ignore some bad precedents.
Again, you're ignoring the primacy of the narrative.

I don't really expect that here, on a Star Trek forum (or at least I didn't).
That's because, just because we are fans, doesn't mean we can't look past these mistakes.
And that's my opinion.
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