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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
I'm trying to think of what people will be wanting to and expecting to see.

Although there are some who are undoubtedly going to use this "walk through" and say: "I will be extremely disappointed if this walk-through game neglects to include that yellow square that you can see at the door jamb behind Doctor M'Benga for a few frames in 'That Which Survives'."

My hunch is, if I were to play the odds, would be that more people would say "Let's check and see if they remembered to put in Lieutenant Galway's mirror from "The Deadly Years".
But then such fans, you mentioned last, would also notice that there is no intercom / alert panel next to the exam bed, and neither was the Jefferies Separator there in "The Deadly Years", yet (and neither did the intercom panel in the doorframe to the bedroom exist yet, before it could be covered up for Season Three).

In the deck plan drafts for Deck 7 I did now inevitably run into the same kind of problem. For a number of reasons I was unable to place the Season Three Office into either the medical ward from "The Way to Eden" or "Turnabout Intruder", because of the different content of the "multi-purpose rooms".

In "Wink of an Eye" we clearly see in the background the Season Three office (because of the scary skull painting over the office's nurse desk). However, the view from the lab into the corridor and the multi-purpose room vis-a-vis reveals a table with a viewscreen which doesn't match the content of the aforementioned multi-purpose rooms.
The only multi-purpose room I got left was the (unseen) one from "The Deadly Years" and therefore the Season Three office is apparently the same one we saw in Season Two, except that the lizard near the doorframe has gone and instead we have a certificate or something on the opposite side and the "scary skull" further back above the Nurse desk.
So which office of Dr. McCoy should be represented, the one from Season Two or the Season Three one after the redecoration (since the 1970's photo novels featured the Season Two office rather often, the Season Three version had a "fresh" feel to it, IMHO)?

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
I guess Donny will be deciding if he wants to insert stuff that he thinks people will want to or expect to see, or if he wants, instead, to dress the sets merely as we last left them four decades ago.

Absolutely, that's his creative choice alone. But since he does know all the subtle differences to make it screen-accurate, mixing elements from different seasons could make it appear to look like he didn't know.
  • Once elements are mixed this will invite accuracy aficionados to criticize Donny for not being accurate and I wonder how one could come up with a satisfying explanation that wouldn't sound like an excuse.
  • Feature the sets as they were last seen and none of this will ever happen as the "last seen argument" is rather terminal and no one could seriously find fault with that, IMHO.
In my deck plan project I'm constantly torn between what I believe to be expectations versus what is accurate. I have decided to favor accuracy, and not just only because it's the solution that at the end of the day hopefully raises less questions to answer than the other option. But this is just my 0.02 $ and other approaches have other merits, of course.


Another good thing would be that Donny could still illustrate the Season Two (or Season One) sets at a later time.
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