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Re: Generations was...

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I always liked Generations, it does have it's problems though.

1. The Uniforms keep changing

2. The Enterprise D was destroyed due to monumental incompetence

3. Kirks death was ill-fitting

4. Picard not going back to 10 forward from the nexus made no sense

Those are the main problems, but otherwise I enjoyed it. Nowhere near as unforgivable as Insurrection imo.
You see, those are all of the things I keep hearing about from Star Trek fans, and I just don't see it.

The problems with "Generations" as I see it are:

1) Data's story is poorly structured and doesn't dovetail with Picard's elegantly. It does provide some comic relief, but maybe takes it a bit too far at inappropriate times in the story structure.

- This one's a challenge to fix, because it really just takes some good writing. You've got to find a way to both re-structure Data's story so it doesn't just fall off the map at the end of act two, and have it tie into Picard's story at the same time.

2) The story loses a whole lot of momentum and deflates once Picard enters the nexus. It was epic up until that point, and then it just lost it.

- Another difficult thing to fix. Maybe adding more suspense and having the viewer wonder what was actually happening. Play up the the emotional content of Having his brother and nephew alive again, and him having to struggle to give it up. It basically just needs a re-working.

3) Three old men (Picard, Shatner, and McDowell) having a physical showdown for the climax borders on silly.

- I can buy Picard in a physical confrontation. You need Kirk there as a demand of the studio. The only way out of this is recasting McDowell, Which would suck because his over the top theatrics really made this movie fun. You would need to find a younger more physical actor who ALSO has the ability to ham it up and chew the scenery. That's a difficult task. I could also see this not being a problem for some people, it's pretty subjective.

With all that said Generations was still a good fun movie, and considering the box that the team had to work in it turned out great.
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