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Re: What if Ezri Dax was a male?

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The Trill issue regarding abortions? I don't get exactly what you mean there. Removing a symbiote isn't an "abortion" unless you're saying they'll just take it out and let it die. It's also of no comparison, as symbiotes are far more than embryos.
Plus the fact that there are so few Symbiotes, there lives seem to be valued higher than the Trill Hosts. If Ezri wanted to kill herself by removing the Symbiote, I don't think there would be any major upheaval, but, killing the Symbiote because she didn't want it, would never be acceptable. It's highly unlikely a joined Trill would ever want to give up their host, it is a revered to position to be, and a very rewarding experience

If you recall, in the episode where Jadzia's symbiote is stolen, she was in danger of dying.
Trills and Goa'uld are very similar in that regard, removing either from a healthy host is possible, but extremely life-threatening. It also appears that after the full blending, removal of a Trill symbiote does mean almost certain death for the host, which is a purely biological problem, unlike a Goa'uld on the other hand which would gladly take the host with it out of spite.
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