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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

stj - Well, since Sookie is a half-ling, they've established that her fairy "light" powers are finite and will run out at some point. Grampa RutgerFairy was showing her how to channel her remaing power into something that could potentially take out Warlow, but in doing so, she would exhaust the last her powers and be Fairy no more..

Another fun outing last night. The scene with "Billith" mentally twisting and braking up and then feeding to completion the "Feeder Donor" was unique but disturbing. "Eric's" meeting with the Govenor was humorous at the same time gave us insights into the new human countermeasures and their agenda.

All in all, I think the directing and, for the most part, the wrting has taken a step up.

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