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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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Anyone notice the mirroring of the "don Draper" silhouette from behind shot when Peggy sat in his office chair? Will she become the new Don?
I think that was the intent of the scene, yeah. Ted was right, Peggy is better off without him. Ted leaving his wife for her would have undermined all she's achieved on her own in the agency.

It actually didn't end as bleak as I thought it might. The ties of family have been strong this season, and they appear to be revealing some redemptive power. It was family bonds, apparently, that got Duck back on the rails. It was family bonds that got Don to loosen up and sing a song in public with his son and ex-wife. It was family bonds -- his own and Ted's -- that made Don realize he couldn't go to California. The appeal of Stan's California pitch to Don's instincts of moving and re-inventing was so strong that he ripped it off almost word for word. For all the hurt it's caused Megan, it was still a more mature Don that ultimately rejected it. Rachel chucked Don because she couldn't respect herself being with a man who would desert his family. Megan may come to see it that way, or maybe not. But Don starting over and reinventing himself for the right reasons, that's got some real positive potential.

Bob Benson is Don with no code and no loyalty, running amok. As bad as Don has been, he could have been a lot worse.

I felt like I missed something: How did the California job go from "one man and a desk" to a two-partner operation?
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