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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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People just reading the latest Bleeding Cool article now should note that it's had some unacknowledged editing. The original version slyly suggested that despite his denials, Philip Morris was indeed the finder of this 90-episode trove and the one who wanted Moffat gone. The edits have removed that implication.
Maybe Rich realised how insane the idea of someone who, as far as I know, isn't even a particular fan of the series, wanting that appears.

So if you're a 90 Truther you now have to believe that someone else has been wandering around Africa collecting missing episodes, including many which were never sold there in the first place. As you do.

Zygons has already been classified by the BBFC for release and this is the Trailer that's actually on it:

Given that it's the last complete release (until all those others!!!!) it looks like they've stuck a generic trailer for the range on it.
Either that, or in the increasingly desperate efforts to keep the range going, they're putting out The Tom Baker Years. Which is admittedly quite fun to watch.
Either way, it's not a trailer for a Troughton story.
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