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Re: Any way to get "eBook Only" releases in paper form?

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^Depends. Tor e-books are now DRM-free, which I'm pretty sure means you actually own them.
Effectively, yes - you're not dependent on the company's good graces to keep a copy. Legally, it's still a license, and you aren't allowed to exercise the Right of First Sale and resell your copy.

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And there are usually provisions made for when a company goes out of business. When eReader went under, I got an e-mail with instructions on how to convert my e-books in their format into the Nook format -- although I was preoccupied with other stuff and put it off too long and missed the window, but I only have myself to blame for that.
That's rare, and only happened because Barnes & Noble (who had bought eReader/Fictionwise previously) wanted to transition everybody to Nook. I've had purchases from at least three other retailers (Powells, Amazon, and Random House) decide that they didn't want to bother selling ebooks anymore and just drop them, without any similar transition plan.
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