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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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It can also vary some companies try and have a first name policy for internal use. To try and create a less formal atmosphere. So in theory if the head of the company came to visit your location they would be addressed by their first name.
This actually happens in my field of work. The director of the institute and the last PhD candidate both address each other by first name. I think this is pretty widespread in academia, but by no means universal.

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Ah, but in certain settings (at least here), you do introduce yourself as Mr or Ms Smith. When I worked in corrections, we didn't allow the inmates to use our first names, so we rarely said them ourselves. "Hi, I'm Ms Smith. I'm going to be your case manager."
You are, of course, entirely correct. When we discussed the issue of titles previously, I added a caveats for people using them out of professional needs (I used the example of police officers, but of course it works for correction officials, military personnel, physicians, etc). It just emphasizes the silliness of arguing for a one-size-fits-all politeness.
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