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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

I wasn't impressed with Don outing himself in front of Hershey. That's not professional behavior. Once again, he makes a unilateral decision that affects everyone without asking them. Confessing to your kids is a necessary step, but keep it out of the work meetings. Hershey's could have been a big account or maybe not, but it wasn't Don's decision to make to torpedo the potential client.

I don't get the man. He wants to go to California. He doesn't want to go to California. He makes huge promises to his wife that things will change and she goes in and has herself written off her show, then he changes his mind and decides to be "nice" to Ted. Okay, Don has decided he can't run, but he decided after it affected everyone else's life and Megan completely uprooted her professional situation. I'm not surprised everyone east of the Mississippi is angry as hell at Don and wouldn't blame Megan for divorcing him. That the partners kicked him out isn't a surprise. How much money did he cost them when he decided he was offended by whathisface who slept with Joan and torpedoed that account? Don needs a therapist. Will he come out whole? Problem is, Don's been such a dreadful human being that his rooting value as a character is extremely limited. The other characters, flaws and all, are far more sympathetic to me now.

When will Peggy ever learn not to sleep with married men? I get how she gravitates to them because the single guys don't seem to be able to handle that she's a professional woman and the professional men are all married, but there's more where Ted came from. What a spineless wimp he is. He can have the affair, but he doesn't want to be the bad guy and leave his wife. Ted, you're Don with less backbone. That's a condemnation and a half.

I'm growing weary of Bob Benson and that Stepford wife smile on his face. He's starting to make Roger seem palatable by comparison. Hello? Your buddy Manolo murdered Pete's mom and skipped the country. WTF was that all about anyway? I almost feel sorry for Pete. He's a douche, but for some reason he's never offended me quite as much as the others. Go figure. Maybe it's because he's never been gifted with any social graces. You almost feel sorry for Pete like an ugly puppy with his awkwardness. He's always been a fish out of water. Also, is Joan safe with Bob around? Maybe he thinks she has money since she's a partner. Bizarro world.

Sally, Sally, Sally. Will you forgive dad? Will you end up at Woodstock next summer? Time will tell. Was that a subpoena for her and Don to testify at a divorce hearing for Sylvia and Arthur? My sound was having trouble at the very beginning.

Bizarre finale. I'll be back, of course. I'm too invested in the characters not to be back. Now Pete and Ted are in California. Ted can stay there, but I want Pete back. Will we end with Woodstock, the moon shot, or New Year's Day 1970? Time will tell.

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