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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

That's what I remember getting in early primary school. Basic and a bit fundamental, but contrived?
Contrived is not the right word. Canned is better. And in spite of some detail and nuance being taught, most children come out of elementary school seeing the war being fought for "liberty," even though "sovereignty," after "autonomy," is far more precise. That is the sort of historical knowledge that most students leave school with, where complex processes are reduced to simple explanations that hold at least some truth. Within the context of the Star Trek universe, "no money" would be such a reduction, where there is never any real explanation given to how economics works, only that things are different. Moreover, it's so vague that many different ideas can be read into the meaning of "no money." Ultimately, it was a stupid idea because it had no explanation behind it.
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