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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

The point is that canon doesn't "say" anything. It's not a formal declaration or a category that someone has to make an effort to assign something to. As I keep saying, it's simply a description. It's a label we use to refer to the original core creation, the stuff made by the creator or owners of the series as distinct from tie-ins or pastiches made by other people. And that's only "the official version of the story" in the loosest sense, because even sole creators change their minds and retcon their past work from time to time. Canon is "what happened" in the broad sense, because naturally the core creators will tend to follow the lead of what they themselves have done in the past, but it's a mistake to think it's binding on the level of precise details, the kind of details that creators tweak and refine and retcon all the time.
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