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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Based on that and the trailer comparisons on your site, it looks like Modern Video is following the HTV mantra of recreating the original appearance of the visuals, only in HD. Though this time, they appear to not be cutting corners.

That's in contrast to HTV's work which improves and updates the original appearance, especially in terms of lighting.
I assume u mean CBS-D in your last paragraph. But yes, that seems to be the case. Although there are certainly some parts where you can see they've tried hard to mimic the CBS-D "extra love" with lighting and blending. There is some great work in episodes like "Suddenly Human" and "Reunion" on that front.
I wonder what the difficulty is in improving the lighting? Is it technically very demanding to the degree that most companies can't manage it? If it isn't then it's just a matter of cutting corners and I find that kind of approach very disappointing. I wish they wouldn't out-source this work to all these no-name companies.
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