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Re: Unused crossover ideas

solariabsg25, you're mixing apples and oranges here.

Here's an example of how I've heard the SGA contracts explained to me in the past:

An actor is allowed to be cast as a single character in a continued series as a primary character for a standard flat fee per season. That same actor can be asked to play a second character other then the main character in any given episode for half cost, however, if they asked to play a third character in that same episode, they are paid at double the rate. If they are asked to play the established character they signed on for in that season in another series, they're paid at essentially time and a half (Yes, this includes playing mirror versions of the same character).

Moreover, I know there's also some provisions in SOME contracts that basically say "If you're dressed and ready to act and the scene takes less than X, it only costs Y", but I know generally speaking, most actors hate signing those sorts of contracts because they tend to get surprise scenes thrown at them at the time. Put in context of "your" job --- I don't think you'd like it much if your job description said allowed your company to randomly go to another location on demand without much notice >.< A lot of this might sound shocking if you've never dealt with SGA (and I don't purport to be any kind of expert, I just have some passing experience with it) but its all logical when you sit back and think about what actors go through for a second.

Now AS FAR AS I KNOW --- this applies only to main cast as far as SGA normal contracts go and has been fairly standard since the 80s.

There is a whole separate set of guidelines for recurring cast members and as far as I know the only norm there is they contracted to appear in X number of episodes. Weather there is any other weirdness going on BESIDES THAT, I don't know, but I'd expect its on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the character.

Then you have guest stars. They are contracted for one episode at a time and there is generally no provisions whatsoever related to other related franchises.

So putting this into perspective, let's take a crossover episode: DS9's Premier - Emissary
- Patrick Stewart being in that series meant he was being paid time and a half for that episode. If they could have done without him, they could have easily paid lesser known actors to fill out a lot more of the pilot or used the savings on the acting budget for something else. Lets face it, by the time Season 6 rolled around, Patrick Stewart was making damned good money and that was probably one of the most expensive parts of the acting budget for that episode.

So, Solariabsg25, to break down your list there:

- Kurn, Toral, Kang, Kor, Koloth and Barclay were only ever guest stars. They would have had ZERO
- Riker and Troi completed there contracts on TNG by the time season 3 of DS9 hit. At that point, they would have been treated as guest stars.
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