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Re: TNG Caption This! 318: Proper Observation

Captain Picard on the comm system: This is your captain, as per Starfleet's transparency policy on covert surveillance, I must inform you all that I have installed hidden cameras in all the female crew's quarters and every married officer's quarters. That is all...

Data's social awkwardness reached such a point that NO one wanted to work with him when on the bridge, which suited him quite fine.

Geordi: What do you think Data?
Data: This my dear Geordi is a clue, note that this boot is of standard-issue Starfleet uniform, the heavy wear around the heel of the boot indicates our individual is a captain or first officer, for command-level officers are prideful and stomp their authority wherever they go.
Furthermore the fallen pip on the floor indicates caressing on the part of our individual or his respective date, though I suspect the date was a woman whom engaged in foreplay first because our suspect loves to role play. The faint trace of perfume, of a type used only by doctor Crusher, indicates that this boot must be none other than that of captain Picard's, for I recall doctor Crusher leaving the captain's ready room in a disheveled state. Thus implying romantic and or sexual liaisons between the two.
The mere fact this boot was here indicates the pair were in a considerable state of haste during their date, thus we should investigate the nearest bedsits and hotels and catch the two in the act!
Geordi: Lead on Watson!

Tasha: Come on Worf, exercise shall set you free!

Worf thinking: I have always wondered what is underneath a female officer's uniform.
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