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Re: TNG Caption This! 318: Proper Observation

``I don't know, Beverley, just put that Worf in the kitchen or something. Do I have to unpack everything around here?''

``Ship's log, supplemental. So they all rolled over and one fell out ... ''

``I don't get it, Data --- er, Mister Holmes. If the sign is right this should be the cat store and yet ... ''
``Fascinating, Mister Watson. This shoe appears to contain a primitive communicator-like device called a `phone'.''

``Five, six, seven, eight, schlemiel, schlemozzle! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated'

What do you suppose that tall, skinny display panel is for? Does it just warn when somebody's approaching the ready room with a teensy tiny bit of cleavage showing? And if so, did they install it so Picard would know when Riker was getting all Riker-y?
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