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Re: Starfleet Style: The Wrath of Khan Crewman Jumpsuit

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I think the stuff you are doing is great. Really good.

If you want constructive criticism, I would go even more technical on your blogs. Not sure if you have a TMP jumpsuit but a side by side comparison would be good. I can see where the cream front panel was stitched on but how did they get the black stripe down the side? There looks like there is detail down the front of Spocks's jumpsuit but its hard to see on that picture.

Your articles work well as a good overview on the subjects - but I think a lot of Star Trek fans might know this stuff already.

Just my thoughts though. I'm not saying I'm right, that's what I would do.

BTW - your main site is great - there doesn't seem to be a link to it from your blog though. I had to google it.

Thanks for the input I appreciate it and I'll certainly take it into consideration.

Concerning my Collection site there's a link on my Blog in the top right block, second link.

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