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Re: Size of starfleet?

Captain Nebula wrote: View Post
It's not a Vulcan designed shuttle.
How are you determining who designed it?

The "warp sled" shuttle shown does have (presumably) Vulcan marking on it's skin (and English script too). And we never see that particular design operated elsewhere by non-Vulcans, and the uniquely shaped combination warp/impulse engine nacelles are also never seen again

It's the same type of shuttle you see in Star Trek III and IV being used by Starfleet
No, those are different

It's only a shuttle being used by a Vulcan (and named for a Vulcan).
Uhura: " Signal from a Federation-registered long-range shuttle, sir."

That doesn't sound like "Starfleet" to me.

Hando wrote: View Post
By TOS, Earth Starfleet dominates the Federation Starfleet. At that time new members join Starfleet rather then build their own, some like never built them in the first place.
That other Federation Member species would use Earth designed and built starships might be like what you see around the world today.

Many national navies used warships (and other type ships) built in foreign shipyards, most simply can't build naval vessels above the size of a large patrol boat.

In the case of Brazil's Navy (Marinha do Brasil), the destroyers come from the UK, the aircraft carrier is from France, and the new submarines are coming from Spain.

Few nations build their own aircraft either, perhaps this will be the case with future shuttles.

The Oberth science ship might be an example of a non-Earth design, it certainly seems to have a different engine design.

REDrake wrote: View Post
I do believe that the races within UFP do maintain their ships, even though we never actually see them.
We also largely don't see the 150 plus species either.

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